Friday, 21 December 2012

Jayanagar 4th Block Shoppers - Beware

Please exercise caution while shopping inside Jayanagar 4th Block Shopping Complex (especially during non peak hours). There is a cartel of goondas who own gift shops and trap unsuspecting shoppers and threaten them and rob of their monies. Please see visit this link for details (Posting this purely in public interest).
The man in the background with white hair is an old felon who overseas these shacks. Watch out for him while you are out shopping at Jayanagar 4th Block.

If you happen to be in Jayanagar 4th Block Shopping Complex, watch out for these two crooks. They are cheats who sell crap at a shack which they call a "gift shop".

The Bitch who owns the gift shop at Jayanagar 4th block shopping complex